1. AGE REQUIREMENT BY AUGUST 2020 (with extension until October 31)
    • NURSERY 1
    - Applicant must be 2.10 to 3.9 years old.
    • NURSERY 2
    - Applicant must be 3.10 to 4.9 years old.
    - Applicant must be 4.10 to 5.9 years old.
    • GRADE 1
    - Applicant must be a KINDERGARTEN Completer - with LRN or Learner's Reference Number.

    • Electronic (scanned) copy of the final report card (Form138) or transcript of record (form 137)
      • Grades not in numeric form must be provided with numerical equivalent
      • English translation must be provided for report cards using other languages (for applicants from foreign country)
    • Electronic (scanned) copy of Birth Certificate (PSA Issued)
    • National Career Assessment Exam (NCAE) result (For incoming Grade 11 only)
    • Recommendation Letter - For Kindergarten to Grade 12 applicants only (including applicants from abroad). (This is downloadable and also available at our Registrar’s Office).
    • Good Moral Certificate - For Grade 4 to Grade 12 applicants only: Cetificate may com their previous school.

      • For those with medical condition indicated in the online admission form; application will be subject for further assessment by the clinic department and the school’s attending physician prior admission.

      • For ESC Grantee from private school kindly send or submit certification from your previous school
        For Voucher Recipient (incoming Grade 11) – Please apply via PEAC online application
      • Photocopy of Passport Information and current visa page; and
      • Photocopy of Identification Certificate as Filipino Citizen issued by the Bureau of Immigration (for applicants with dual citizenship)
        • Incoming Grade 9 – still needs remediation in Filipino I & II & AP III subjects within the school year.
        • Incoming Grade 10 – still needs remediation in Filipino I & AP I subjects within the school year.

    1. No Grade Lower than 80 in major subjects.
      NOTE: If there are grades lower than 80 in major subjects (English, Math & Science), parent/guardian should write a letter addressed to our Principal to allow the applicant to take the entrance exam despite our requirement. Parent/guardian should wait for further notice from the Admission/Registrar department to be able to continue with the application process.
    2. Conduct mark should be Satisfactory.